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Successful Day of Golf

We hosted a very successful Networking Event at Point Walter.  Thirty Golfers played 9 holes of golf, learnt quick and savvy ways to improve your game at our student centered golf clinic, and organized refreshments for a ‘fuel up’ at the days end.  This was also a perfect time to meet other people in a

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Chip December 29 ,2017

Junior Golf Coaching

In conjunction with Point Walter Golf Course, Simply More Golf will be hosting junior golf camps these holidays.  With over 30 years of working with junior, amateur and professional golfers, we know that our Junior Golf Camp will be ‘better than par’. Many juniors we have worked with in the past have gone on to

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simpymoregolf December 05 ,2017

Congratulations Dawid Malan

Dawid Malan joined our Junior Golf Camps in the mid 90’s.  He showed tremendous sportsmanship and won a number of our junior tournaments we hosted. It is with great pleasure to congratulate Dawid Malan for making the English Ashes Team.  He will be playing in Australia through December 2017 and 2018.  Of course, we will

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simpymoregolf December 01 ,2017

The Golf Club at Impact

The golf club can withstand a lot of force through the impact of the ball.  When watching a golf club impact a ball, it is hard to see the affects on the club and the ball.  As a result, we have a little video to show you how much your club can flex at the

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simpymoregolf November 20 ,2017

Your Golf Grips and Your Game

Did you know that your golf grips can affect your game!  In fact, there is a chance that your hook or slice is a result of your golf grips? Think about this for a moment.  Your right hand is probably the same size of your left hand – right?  Then why is your right hand

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simpymoregolf November 15 ,2017

Hitting it Longer

We have worked with a number of Long Drive Champions including Davyn Nola, Phyllius Meti, and Leanne Quinn.  When it comes to hitting it longer, there are a number of aspects you need to understand before you can gain more distance.  According to many Long Drive champions the most important aspect to learn is your

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Chip November 07 ,2017

What Our Client Say

Simply More Golf has helped me break 70 more consistently.

Clarke Osborne

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Golf is so much more fun now! I hit the ball a little further and the 'on course instruction' has improved my score!

Mark Jackson

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"I used to struggle with golf. Just holding the club was painful. Simply More Golf fixed that for me and I saw immediate improvement in my score!"

Michael Jarvis

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