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Junior Golf Coaching

In conjunction with Point Walter Golf Course, Simply More Golf will be hosting junior golf camps these holidays.  With over 30 years of working with junior, amateur and professional golfers, we know that our Junior Golf Camp will be ‘better than par’.

Many juniors we have worked with in the past have gone on to play professional golf.  Golfers such as Trevor Immelman, Lydia Ko, Rory Sabatini, Louie Oostehuizen, Clarke Osborne, and many others we have had the pleasure to work with.  We have also helped many junior golfers journey through amateur golf and into a golf scholarships where they have won a range of American titles including ‘All American Colors’ for finishing in the Top 10 in the USA .

These holidays we are inviting kids ages 8 to 13, who are interested in golf.  Our goal is to inspire kids in the game which can offer them a prosperous future.  Please contact us for more information.

Congratulations Dawid Malan

Dawid Malan joined our Junior Golf Camps in the mid 90’s.  He showed tremendous sportsmanship and won a number of our junior tournaments we hosted.

It is with great pleasure to congratulate Dawid Malan for making the English Ashes Team.  He will be playing in Australia through December 2017 and 2018.  Of course, we will be catching up with him in December and will update you on any more news from our Golfing Alumni!


The Golf Club at Impact

The golf club can withstand a lot of force through the impact of the ball.  When watching a golf club impact a ball, it is hard to see the affects on the club and the ball.  As a result, we have a little video to show you how much your club can flex at the impact position.  We hope you enjoy this short video.

Your Golf Grips and Your Game

Did you know that your golf grips can affect your game!  In fact, there is a chance that your hook or slice is a result of your golf grips?

Think about this for a moment.  Your right hand is probably the same size of your left hand – right?  Then why is your right hand grip area thinner than your left hand grip area?  (The opposite applies if your are a left hand golfer)

Another point to think about is the size of your hands?  Surely your hand size is not the same as all golfers in the world?  Well..when you buy a set of clubs off the shelf, chance are that the grip size is set for average.

At Simply Golf we match grip size to your hands.  More importantly, we also alter the grip