Hitting it Longer

Hitting it Longer

We have worked with a number of Long Drive Champions including Davyn Nola, Phyllius Meti, and Leanne Quinn.  When it comes to hitting it longer, there are a number of aspects you need to understand before you can gain more distance.  According to many Long Drive champions the most important aspect to learn is your golf club.  Each inch added to your club can either make or break your opportunity.

A good example with Davyn Nola’s driver.  Davyn can pick up club head speed in excess of 160 mph and is able to hit it about 453 m (an Australasian Record).  Davyn’s key to big hitting was knowing the exact length, flex and kick point of his driver.

Of course, we don’t all hit the ball like Davyn, but we can improve on distance and consistency if we know basics about our golf club.

After a driver fitting session, we built a driver for Peter, an everyday amateur that did not think he would get any more distance.  He was told that the longer the driver the longer the shot.  But in our session, we found that his ideal driver was nothing like the driver he had.  After he received his custom built driver, Peter went on to win the club championships and out drive all his opponents that had out driven him through the year.

Notably, not all golfers are going to win a championship immediately, but we do know that they will see improvement in their drives!

[The featured photo is of Davyn at a Pro-Am hitting a 3 wood 350 m]

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